This Week’s Challenge

The classic BURPEE! I tortured my boyfriend yesterday by making him do it with a bosu ball and a press-up for two sets of 1 one minute. He had to do a press up on the bosu ball (flat side up) and the pick it up to lift it over his head when he jumped up.  He was dead by the end of it. This week  I challenge you to do 21 minutes of burpees. Spread it out and do 3 minutes per day, or do longer sessions fewer times. For an extra challenge add a press-up with each burpee and give yourself a tricep workout as well.Count how many you do and add them up and you’ll find yourself with a number to be proud of!  Who’s on this weeks fat burning and arm trimming challenge?


a. Start in an upright position

b. squat down

c. jump into plank (do a press up here)

d. jump back into a squatting position

e. jump up from the squatting position to standing (repeat)

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