Nutrition for recovery

In regards to my previous post  about recovery, I thought I would add some good recovery foods. The list below is to be seen as a ‘after workout’ meal/snack rather than instead of lunch/dinner. Everyone needs to have some munch after working out in order for the body to recover. Some people claim that those aiming for weight-loss shouldn’t, but that is just plain wrong. The thing is, when you workout (both cardio and weights) toxins are created and released in your body (e.g. lactic acid) these disappear with recovery and appropriate nutrition speeds this up. After a cardio based workout your metabolism is much quicker, so you actually benefit from having a meal after as your body will burn most of the calories off straight away.

Some of my favourites:

  • Cottage cheese with berries and almonds
  • Quark with goji berries, cinnamon and seeds
  • Humus with carrots and celery
  • Protein shake (my favourite is PHD diet protein which is low in carbs and has additional good stuff added to it). this can be made with milk/soy/oat/rice milk for added calories and nutrition
  • 2 eggs on ryvita and a banana
  • Handful of nuts and some dried prunes or a smoothie

For some interesting nutrition tips try this blog out (though I must say I’m the person to promote 6 meals rather than 3…)

2 poached egg, cucumber and salad bread thins with blueberries

Today’s lunch consisted of two Warburton ‘thins’ with poached egg, cucumber and salad followed by blueberries from Sainsbury’s reduced section:)


5 Responses to Nutrition for recovery

  1. lizatemir says:

    hey what time would you say one trying to lose all that annoying fat should wait after the workout to snack?

    i would take the shake (also the PhD one) after 30 mins, but does the same apply to actual food?

    • ptchick says:

      The best way of doing it is planning your workouts so they fall before your meal. For example, straight after your workout (within 30 minutes) have a protein shake or a high protein snack like eggs or nuts if you’ve been doing resistance based workout. If you’ve been doing a cardio session and plan to have a meal within an hour, I’d say either have a carb based recovery drink, a non acidic fruit or a glass of milk. Bring your snack/shake to the gym and have it as you leave/get ready. Try to have your meal approximately within an hour or so after your workout, especially if it has involved a lot of cardio. To shred ‘the annoying fat’ you need to do cardio, try doing interval training at least 2-3 times a week. that will say where you alternate running/rowing/biking etc. at a high intensity for 30sec – 2min with a 1-2min recovery period which is much slower.
      Good luck 🙂

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