It’s never too late to become what you might have been. -George Elliot

We’re coming closer and closer to Christmas and New Years time. Think back to your New Years Resolution  2012, was your resolution related to fitness and health? Reflect back onto your current state of health and/or fitness, have you reached what you aimed to achieve? If not you have two options: accept that you’re no where near what you want to be, shrug your shoulders and continue the way you are. Does it matter? It’s soon Christmas anyways and you’ll be indulging in heavy puds, chocolates and all that yummy food, you can start again next year… Or you give it everything the last 7 and a bit weeks leading up to Christmas, prove to yourself you can do it. What were your resolutions? Did you achieve them?


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  1. I blend a number of veggies in my homemade turkey burgers. I merely slice up a bunch of veggies very small like with a spoiled chef meals shopper. Preferred veggies to utilize are bell peppers, onions, carrots, mushrooms however you could add anything. At that point I mix that with the ground turkey as well as I add Greek Spices (you might add garlic and also onion powder) a little worcestershire sauce, you can even include reasonable salt soy sauce. Mix entirely form and grill patties. I serve with a homemade tzistzki design sauce mix greek yogurt with greek seasoning (or onion as well as garlic particle) and cut cucumber with seads taken out OR with cut tomato, collapsed fat free of cost feta cheese, with a little olive oil as well as greek seasoning and black pepper. EXTREMELY TASTY and MOIST HAMBURGERS from the veggies you add.Light or fat few yogurt often has more sugar. Instead of looking at the ingredients list look at the nutritional breakdown to see how many grams of sugar there are per serving.

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