Fresh air

November 25, 2012

Yesterday we went for a long walk in the countryside. It was nice to change the pollution from the city life for some fresh air. We saw more animals than people, cuddled with a stray cat and had a pot of rhubarb and custard tea to wash down a cheeky scone.




Chilling in the north

November 24, 2012

Recovering in yorkshire aftrr a long week. My legs are aching after yesterday’s morning crossfit. 1mile fast run, 100 pull 6 6 min squats, 3min crunches, 2 min bent over rows, 2 min bicep curls and 2 min tricep pull downs followed by 1 mile run. I love a good morning session!


November 22, 2012

Almost the weekend now! I’m going north to load my batteries with walks on the moor and chilled nights in. Good food and catching up with life is on the schedule. As well as writing some informative blog posts and planning some classes.

Today I have yawned my way through work, strengthened my muscles and now on my way home for some yoga and reading. Going up early to squeeze the gym in before work and then getting the train after

Office fit

November 21, 2012

I took ny lovely office girls to a fun, private pole session. Pole fitness is an excellent class fir gaining strength, flexibility,grace,confidence and for getting together for a laugh. We went to the lovely Sandrea Simon’s class in new Basford Pole Palais. It was geat fun and really nice to spend time with my new office colleagues.

Im now up in my third group fitness class of the week. I have a feeking tomorrow will bring on another one 🙂 Keep fit and have fun folks
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November 20, 2012

Have had a busy day and enjoyed a relaxing second yoga class this week to end the day a bit more chilled. I am so excited about my new phone that I can actually update my blog with! No excuses to not keep updating now!
Anyways, time for some sleep now. Sleep well everyone 🙂

This Week’s Challenge

November 19, 2012

Train with others! Do at least three group classes this week. Enjoy working out with others or being guided through your workout. Take a step away from hiding in the corner of the gym or not daring to do a class because you are afraid of getting judged. Training with others can be fun, motivating and more energetic. You may even get a few friends on the go.

I have already done a group Yoga class, what is going to be your first class?


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November 18, 2012

This weekend has been very relaxed and in all honesty I’ve done very little. Saturday I had a few hours work to then meet up with boyfriend to look around town. We spent about 1 hour at the opticians whilst my boyfriend used up every little last bit of all the stylists’ patience with trying on about a million pairs of glasses… We went for a late lunch which turned into a afternoon tea at a tea house I’ve recently discovered in Nottingham. I must say the place scored ten out of ten for presentation, but the food didn’t quite reach the standard expected for the price. Nutrition wise we can place it at the bottom… This has indeed been a naughty weekend in terms of food. But sometimes you need to eat what you want and just enjoy life as long as you do it within moderation.

I have spent a couple of hours debating what new phone to get as my contract has finally come to an end. Been for a long walk, had coffee at my housemate’s coffee shop/restaurant, made an amazing salad with an amazing salad dressing and finished off with my favourite dessert – a crumble!

My amazing dressing: mix 2-3 tablespoons of oil with 1 tablespoon balsamic. Add some garlic salt (we used proper sea salt), half a teaspoon of mustard and one teaspoon honey. Enough for one package of ready to eat salad mixed with one medium sized avocado.