Make the most out of your workout 1.

I’m going to write a couple of posts on different ways of structuring your training. Do you ever feel that you’re struggling to fit all your planned exercises in and that you end up staying hours at the gym? Try to apply the superset, tri set or giant set method to improve the effectiveness of your training.


A superset can be done with antagonist muscles within the same muscle group (e.g. bicep curl and tricep pull down) or paring an upper body exercise with a lower body exercise (e.g. squat and shoulder press). The point is to do one exercise and go straight into the other without rest. When you have done a set of each you will have a quick rest before doing your next set. Since you’re using different protagonist muscle for the exercises it gives the first muscle a chance to start recovering whilst you work on your second exercise. This means you can shorten the rest period in between and that your workout becomes significantly quicker and more effective.


This is similar to a superset, but involves three different exercises. Again you can work on the same muscle group letting each exercise focus on a different muscle or angle of muscle. For example if you’re having a ‘legs’ day you can do the leg extension, the leg curl and the calf press working the quads, hamstrings and calf. You can also use opposing muscle groups e.g. a chest exercise, a back exercise and a leg exercise.


Again, the giant set follows the same idea as the others, but uses 4 or more exercises – similar to a circuit. All these methods are brilliant ways of increasing the amount of exercises and sets done within a session without increasing time spent at the gym. So get on it and get more out of your workout!

Keep posted for more information about how to structure your training, I’ll introduce you to the matrix method, drop-sets pyramids etc.. 


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