It’s never too late…

This BBC article made me smile so much – a 93 year old bodybuilder. Dr Charles Euster started bodybuilding at the age of 87 in order to ‘ turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach’…

I guess what I wanted to point out with this article is that it is never too late to pick something up, something new in your life or just do something you thought you’d never do. Be inspired of this man, was there something you always wanted to do but never did and now think you’re too old? Perhaps some sport or dance? Well, be inspired by this 93 year old and DO IT! My challenge to myself is to get back into pole, improve and compete within a year. If a 93 year old can be a body builder, then I can compete in pole. I first need to get my confidence back and and (re)learn moves as I’ve had over a years break from it.


An old picture from a Summer holiday back in the days when I used to enjoy pole


2 Responses to It’s never too late…

  1. arnoldsback says:

    It certainly opens your eyes to ehat is possible. It is never too late.

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