This Weeks Challenge

This week I challenge you all (including myself) to stretch more. Spend an extra 5-10 minutes after your run/workout/fitness class to work through your whole body or take a few minutes in the morning or evening just to lengthen your body. Don’t go beyond any pain boundaries, but work with your own body. Another challenge to bare with you throughout winter is to stick with your fitness routine and don’t slack due to the weather, approaching Christmas or for any other reason. If you want to avoid the likely weight gain that comes with all the heavy Christmas food etc. there is only one way to go:  Stay Active and Stay Fit.

I’ve done my evening yoga class and feel both strengthened and lengthened. We’re going towards darker times with less light and less energy. Take extra care of your body and prevent muscles from tensing up and shortening from hunched up postures when avoiding rain and cold, sitting in front of the computer  and lacking the motivation to hit the gym because you’re feeling the winter blues coming on. It may be that a few minutes of lengthening your body in the morning makes you feel ready to go for the day and feel more alive, or that a couple of minutes in the evening will relax you and prepare you for a better night’s sleep. By being one step a head of your fitness and continuing your fitness routine you’re more likely to have more energy this winter and be able to avoid those extra kilos that come with the yummy Christmas treats that are now everywhere in store (despite it being only November).


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