This evening after work I just reached a complete ‘stop’. For the past 2 weeks its all been a lot and I’ve been really busy and stressed with a lack of sleep. My plans for this evening was to go to pole and then a quick gym session. My body, however, said no and I listened. I’ve had a hot shower with muscle relaxant, got a hot drink and a book next to me. Sometimes you need to take it easy and chill. A year ago I would have kept going and ignored any signs of fatigue. I would down an energy drink and get on with stuff, but had no time for a social life and came close to loosing friendships with some of the people who were close to me and I never found time for doing what I actually wanted to do as I let  my studies and a demanding part-time job take over in order to suppress all the chaos that was going inside due to personal reasons. It didn’t make me happier and I have learned from that. When my body tells me ‘stop’ I listen.





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