taking advantage of the morning

I’m lucky and normally don’t start work until 9am, which gives me a couple of hours in the morning to do what I want or need. If I wake up with my boyfriend it’s often less time as he is a massive sleepy head and will do anything for some extra minutes. However, we often make sure to have a cup of coffee and breakfast in front of the news. When I’m on my own I often get up a bit earlier to do some yoga, stretch my body or to read. My biggest disappointment in life is to not have enough time to read in between work, training, social life and all the annoying everyday things you need to do like cook and clean etc. The mornings are mine when I’m on my own and I do what I enjoy and claim my time back. 



pictures: http://highlypositive.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/your-daily-dose-of-motivation.html, http://mindsetdestination.com/blog/6-energy-quotes-to-kickstart-your-week/


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