The things that matter…

At the moment work is taking up the majority of my day and it is also slowly destroying my sole from the inside (to be dramatic). It is just that time of the year. So to not let it get to me I try to focus on the things that matter and make thing easier.

So today’s…
nicest and happiest moment: Morning cuddle with the Mr.
most enjoyable moment: that 45 min intense NIKE killer workout
most peaceful moment: stretching and doing some yoga poses
Most random moment: seeing Nottingham’s youth running around in oncies or short shorts (so short they show half of the bum cheeks…). The whole town was full of them!
most needed moment: that coconut water after my workout
most satisfying moment:to have got all my references for Uni appliactions
Most exciting moment: to hopefully have got a yoga teaching slot at Pole Palais

See life isn’t that bad. Looking at those lovely things in my surrounding makes it possible to go through the tough bits.


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