Update on this week’s training

January 11, 2013

So far this week I have done 250 minutes of training. I have mixed everything from pole fitness, running, intervals, crossfit, NIKE training club workouts and yoga/dynamic stretching. 


I can highly recommend the NIKE training club. Is fun, challenging and you can sync your own music. I have an android phone and could download it for free, I think it’s available for a small cost on iPhones. It’s worth it, it’s so worth it! You get everything from beginners to advanced, 15 minutes to full workouts. Badges to work towards to give you some inspiration. Cardio, toning and strength. I love it! see the link for more info: http://www.nike.com/gb/en_gb/c/womens-training/apps/nike-training-club




The Year of Croassfit

January 4, 2013

In the end of last year I became addicted to crossfit… Crossfit is a type of exercise where you do either one or a few different exercises based on either max weight or time. It’s short and intese and I love it. It’s a new found passion which definitley is helping me to stay in shape and improve my fitness. It can be anything from short sets of sprints to snatches and squats. ( I do love squats <3).

Today I am inspired by http://diaryofacrossfitmom.wordpress.com/ and will try her WOD (work out of the day):
30 back squats
100 sit ups
30 front squats
100 sit ups
30 overhead squats.
I cannot wait to start this workout!! So impatient 🙂

2013 will definitely be a year of crossfit for me 🙂

Training methods 2 – running edition

November 14, 2012

Today I left the weights on the side and had a cardiotastic session! I love a good Cardio session. nothing makes me feel like I’ve achieved more than a hardcore cardio session. Today it was 40 minutes of intervals/fartlek with 10kmph as rest  speed and 12-16kmph as interval speed. Followed by  on the stepper, 15 min of core and lastly some stretching. All this despite a stupid migraine that’s been lingering since this morning 😦 If anyone knows any good cures against migraines and headaches, please let me know!

Thought I’d give you some tips for improving your running miles and speed. If you normally do the same speed and you always go about the same length it’s time to think again! Your body gets used to doing the same thing over and over again and you stop to see results. if you want to improve your speed exchange two of your normal running sessions with either fartlek or intervals. Fartlek is a Swedish method which basically means playing with speed. Play around with the times you spend at different speeds, do 30 seconds fast that 2 min slow then 60 min fast and 30 sec slow etc. Just play around with it. Use different speeds as your fast/slow pace to mix it up. This will definitely stop you from getting bored, especially if on a treadmill. Intervals uses set time intervals. For example 1 minute fast, 2min slow, and 1 minute fast etc. The speeds are changed between two set ones. E.g. fast pace at 15kmph and slow pase at 9kmph and this stays fixed throughout the whole session and this is what distinguishes it from fartlek. Make sure that the majority of the run is spent at the ‘slow speed’.

If you instead want to increase the distance work by adding minutes (rather than distance) to your normal run. Do you always run 30 min? Make it 35 minutes next time and make sure you have a shorter recovery run the day after and that you stretch after. if you’re training for a marathon it may be an idea to see a specialist in marathons in order to get a appropriate programme to build up your distance without causing yourself any injuries or stress son the body.

How do you like your cardio session? Long distance, short distance, intervals, fartlek? (picture taken from Nike)


Make the most out of your workout 1.

November 2, 2012

I’m going to write a couple of posts on different ways of structuring your training. Do you ever feel that you’re struggling to fit all your planned exercises in and that you end up staying hours at the gym? Try to apply the superset, tri set or giant set method to improve the effectiveness of your training.


A superset can be done with antagonist muscles within the same muscle group (e.g. bicep curl and tricep pull down) or paring an upper body exercise with a lower body exercise (e.g. squat and shoulder press). The point is to do one exercise and go straight into the other without rest. When you have done a set of each you will have a quick rest before doing your next set. Since you’re using different protagonist muscle for the exercises it gives the first muscle a chance to start recovering whilst you work on your second exercise. This means you can shorten the rest period in between and that your workout becomes significantly quicker and more effective.


This is similar to a superset, but involves three different exercises. Again you can work on the same muscle group letting each exercise focus on a different muscle or angle of muscle. For example if you’re having a ‘legs’ day you can do the leg extension, the leg curl and the calf press working the quads, hamstrings and calf. You can also use opposing muscle groups e.g. a chest exercise, a back exercise and a leg exercise.


Again, the giant set follows the same idea as the others, but uses 4 or more exercises – similar to a circuit. All these methods are brilliant ways of increasing the amount of exercises and sets done within a session without increasing time spent at the gym. So get on it and get more out of your workout!

Keep posted for more information about how to structure your training, I’ll introduce you to the matrix method, drop-sets pyramids etc.. 


picture taken from bodybuilding.com