Bye bye student loan

January 11, 2013

I paid my student loan off! No more debt… Until I go back to uni… The plan is to start a masters in physiotherapy either in September or January.

I’m proud to be 22 and have paid my loan off. Hard work and saving money pays off. Throughout my time at university I had at least one part time job. However, I feel sorry for the kids at uni now who face tuition fees that are up to 9 grand. Hello to an elitist society. I would never have been able to go to university if this had been the case when I started. I’m not surprised if this leads to a further class division. Why punish intelligence?


Stress and more stress

January 11, 2013

Sometimes all I want after a long week is to chill and think positively. I say hello to the weekend despite working tomorrow.



The things that matter…

January 10, 2013

At the moment work is taking up the majority of my day and it is also slowly destroying my sole from the inside (to be dramatic). It is just that time of the year. So to not let it get to me I try to focus on the things that matter and make thing easier.

So today’s…
nicest and happiest moment: Morning cuddle with the Mr.
most enjoyable moment: that 45 min intense NIKE killer workout
most peaceful moment: stretching and doing some yoga poses
Most random moment: seeing Nottingham’s youth running around in oncies or short shorts (so short they show half of the bum cheeks…). The whole town was full of them!
most needed moment: that coconut water after my workout
most satisfying moment:to have got all my references for Uni appliactions
Most exciting moment: to hopefully have got a yoga teaching slot at Pole Palais

See life isn’t that bad. Looking at those lovely things in my surrounding makes it possible to go through the tough bits.


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This week’s challenge

January 7, 2013

Sometimes the gym is just not appealing. I had a dreadful day at work and didn’t have time for breakfast or lunch. With just a few quick snacks in me, stresses to the bone and shaky – I was just not in the right place for a gym workout. I needed a chat and cudles and comfort from the Mr. Then a big plate of food packed with omega oils, vitamins and minerals to give me a boost. I then decided to hit the floor for some good old fashioned workout. 82 press ups and a 15 minute core workout later I am now happily stretching on through floor. Together with a good hour or so of walking today, I think I’ve done alright. Don’t let yourself be defeated, a quick one on the floor can help your mood and confidence.

This week’s challenge is to do at least 15 minutes of exercise a day. It will help you get started for the fittest year ever! Snart now!

Now I’m hoping for a better rest of the week. I’m excited about my first poimle session of 2013 with my office girlies tomorrow ­čÖé

Sunday Run

January 6, 2013

After a morning of studying the highlight of the day was to put my running kit on, put my new Nike running app on and hit the road. The fresh air did wonders and I loved every second of it. I love the gym and I love heavy weight training, but sometimes all I crave is a good pace out in the fresh air. Just short of 5 miles later, my cheeks were red, my lips smiling and my mood high. The leftovers from yesterday’s fish pie worked excellent as a recovery meal.

I have a few aims with my running for this year. last year I didn’t have time to do as much running as I would have wanted to with early mornings and late working hours. So this year I hope to work toward a marathon sometime in September or October. Most likely one in Yorkshire. I also have my eyes on a 10 km race around Easter and a half marathon shortly after.

Now I need to invest in a good pair of high quality running shoes. Any ideas?


Weekend bliss

January 6, 2013

When I was at uni, weekends were never that special. Everyday seemed to be the same. In my first two years we normally went out in the middle of the week and weekends were time for house parties and studying. In my final year of uni I spent most of my weekends working at a gym. Since I started working at a 9-5 job, weekends have become sacred to me. They are used to relax, prepare for the week, cook for the week, catch up on my Yoga studies, chill with my boyfriend, long runs and relaxing baths. 

Yesterday was a day of training. expect for two half hour walks and 30 minutes of stretching, I left my body to recover. I enjoyed a lie in until 9am! Spent the morning studying and in the evening me and my boyfriend made a yummy fish pie with soy milk and sweet potato mash for a healthier version. we also made a batch of brownies. A colleague gave me a recipe on fat free black bean brownies. The only issue was they didn’t really cook very well and were really moist, a bit too moist… It might be because we used melted dark chocolate rather than cocoa as suggested in the original┬árecipe.┬á

But if anyone is interested, replace the fat with bananas, use argarve suryp (and stevia if the mixture is too fluid) instead of sugar and mixed black beans instead of flour. You get a healthy treat that is high in protein and also has a portion of fruit in it. Winner!

Legs and abs

January 4, 2013

Today’s WOD (as seen in previous post) has left me with tired thighs and my abdominals hurt when I laugh. 90 squat and 300 situps 18 min and 13 seconds with no rest. To finish it off 5 sets of press ups with a total of 83. My body has earned a lie in tomorrow! I feel so motivated and ready to hit the gym again when my body has recovered.