Intervals, pull ups, dips & leg lifts

January 17, 2013

For the first time I was able to do dips with my own body weight! Dips have always been the one thing in the gym I fear and avoid. Today I had a birthday workout with my bday boyfriend. He loves dips… I had to face my fear for dips and I managed to do 2 sets of body weighted dips. Fair enough, only 6 the first time and 5 the second, but I did it!! And I will do more! 

Today’s training;

15min intervals – 2min at 10kmph with 1 min between 16.5-17.5 kmph 5 times

2 sets of pull ups with body weight (11, 8)

2 sets of body weight dips (6, 5)

2 sets of leg raises from a pull up bar (14, 12)


I ❤ training. Some fitsporation for my quest to manage to do at least 3 sets of 10 body weight dips to trim my triceps:

Imagepicture found here



Update on this week’s training

January 11, 2013

So far this week I have done 250 minutes of training. I have mixed everything from pole fitness, running, intervals, crossfit, NIKE training club workouts and yoga/dynamic stretching. 


I can highly recommend the NIKE training club. Is fun, challenging and you can sync your own music. I have an android phone and could download it for free, I think it’s available for a small cost on iPhones. It’s worth it, it’s so worth it! You get everything from beginners to advanced, 15 minutes to full workouts. Badges to work towards to give you some inspiration. Cardio, toning and strength. I love it! see the link for more info:



It’s never too late…

November 3, 2012

This BBC article made me smile so much – a 93 year old bodybuilder. Dr Charles Euster started bodybuilding at the age of 87 in order to ‘ turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach’…

I guess what I wanted to point out with this article is that it is never too late to pick something up, something new in your life or just do something you thought you’d never do. Be inspired of this man, was there something you always wanted to do but never did and now think you’re too old? Perhaps some sport or dance? Well, be inspired by this 93 year old and DO IT! My challenge to myself is to get back into pole, improve and compete within a year. If a 93 year old can be a body builder, then I can compete in pole. I first need to get my confidence back and and (re)learn moves as I’ve had over a years break from it.


An old picture from a Summer holiday back in the days when I used to enjoy pole